Transaero history


Transaero Airlines was the first private airline in the history of Russia. From the very beginning, the company was built on a new foundation, absorbing the best in the world civil aviation industry.

Transaero was the first in Russia to add modern foreign-made aircraft to its fleet, to provide an international standard of service on its domestic routes (in particular by introducing Business Class on domestic flights), to create a flexible system of fares and discounts, and to design and introduce frequent-flyer incentive programs. The quality of our product was a true breakthrough into the future. Many Transaero standards remain unique today. Our pilots underwent training from such firms as The Boeing Company, United Airlines, American Airlines and British Airways, and our flight attendants with Air France, British Airways, Finnair and KLM.

Transaero’ birthday was November 5, 1991. On this day, the airline carried out its first flight, a Moscow-Tel Aviv-Moscow charter, using an aircraft that was operated on a lease but bore the company’s own airline code, UN.