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Before the flight

Hand and hold luggage

Dear guests, to enjoy your flight with "Transaero" we recommend you to look through our baggage regulations. We would also like to give you a few hints regarding your baggage that you may find useful:

  • Please, do not accept any items or bags to take with you from strangers, all items in your luggage must belong to you.
  • Please, do not leave your bags with strangers or unattended even for a short time
  • Please, inform the airline of lost, damaged or delayed baggage before you leave the airport.
  • To expedite security checks at the airport, please, make sure that you carry in your hand luggage only those items necessary during the flight.
  • Remove old bag tags from your luggage and attach tags with your name and contact information.

It will also be a good idea to check your airport's security regulations for updated information before you travel, since security procedures at airports are constantly changing.

Liquids, gels, aerosols (LAGs)
Prohibited items